10 Easy Crafty Projects to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

10 Easy Crafty Projects to Upcycle Fabric Scraps: Almost all of us have different pieces of clothes left from our sewing projects and are spare. Probably those pieces of fabric couldn’t be used to carry large projects. You may be in search of information on how you can use these fabric pieces in some creative and useful things. 

Don’t worry! Here you can get the ideas about making different household things at home. We have picked up 10 easy and simple projects. Some of them can even be made without sewing only with the help of some glue or buttons etc. By making these easy and DIY crafting projects you can use your fabrics.

We are going to give you ideas to make pillow covers, baskets, bangles, owl toys, and many other exciting things. You can use handmade accessories at your home or you can give them to your loved ones and friends.

10 Easy Crafty Projects to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

Let’s have a look one by one at our picks:

1. Pillow cover

Pillows are the best to decorate our homes. We can place pillows on or beds or couches. It will add beauty to our sweet homes. But after using a specific pillow cover for a long time you may be thinking to change the cover. Because it’s the nature of humans they get bored very easily if they keep on seeing the same thing for a long time.

The fabric pieces which you might be considering as useless can be used to make catchy and attractive pillow covers at home. Moreover, you can use different pieces of fabrics to give your pillow cover a remarkable look.

2. Owl Toy

Owl toys are equally liked by the kids and elders. It is pretty much simple to make owl toys. These can be used as toys, a bed cushion, floor cushion or couch cushion. You can also gift these awesome owl toys to your family and friends.

Moreover, you can use fabric that is lying spare at your home. It could be simple or patterned. No matter if you are a beginner in the sewing world, you can make these owl toys easily. If you have some matching piece of fabric with your couch or bed then you should use that fabric. It will enhance the beauty of your home.

3. Fabric Basket

Baskets are containers that can keep many kinds of stuff in them. You can even use these baskets to pack your lunch and take it with you if needed. Moreover, you can see other personal things in these fabric baskets. 

Use the fabric pieces to make your swap baskets. These baskets can help you to keep your things in them. Moreover, it will not cost you. Because you can use the material that is available at home for making baskets.

4. Scrap Blanket

Our next crafting project is a scrap blanket. Scrap blankets can be made by using the corner to corner stitches on the different pieces of fabric together. You can mix different fabrics to make an awesome scrap blanket for your kids. Moreover, you can give this scrap blanket to any of your friends or relatives which are parents.

 5. Bangles

If you have spare bangles and some stylish pieces of fabric at home then you can combine both of them to make bangles. What’s more exciting if you can wear matching bangles with each dress. And most importantly you don’t have to spend money buying them. You can design beautiful fabric bangles simply by using stuff from your home.

6. Baby Bibs

Bibs are very important for the kids. If you buy kids from the market you might have to spend a lot of money. And you also need more than one bibs for the baby. But what if you can make bibs for babies at home? Isn’t it awesome? You can use different fabrics to make bibs for the babies. 

The process of making bibs is pretty simple and will not cost you as much of the required stuff is available at your house. So, you can make bibs as much as you can. Also, you can give these bibs to your friends for their babies.

7. Pincushion Cuffs

Pincushions are used to keep pins safe and at their place. If you want to add more beauty to your pincushions you can make pincushion cuffs. You can place pincushion cuffs in your sewing tool kit. Moreover, you can also wear it on your wrist when you are working on any sewing projects. So, it will be easy for you to take a pin from there whenever needed. To make pincushion cuffs you can use well-designed fabrics.

8. Decorative Buntings

The best use of fabric scraps among all is to make decorative buntings. Moreover, the buntings take a little time in their preparation. Once you are done, you can use the handmade scrap buntings on different occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc.

9. Fabric buttons

Another thing which you can make with fabric pieces is fabric buttons. If you buy fabric buttons from the shop, they will cost you a lot. You can also search and buy fabric buttons from different online websites.

Fabric buttons add beauty to your dresses. But isn’t it best if you can make fabric buttons at your home free of cost? Yes, you can make fabric buttons without spending a penny. 

10. Fabric Bookmark

Our last crafting design is very easy to make and you can make it in five minutes. If you are fond of reading books, fabric bookmarks are best for you. You can use them to indicate where you left your reading so that you can start exactly from there. 

You can use different fabric pieces to make bookmarks.

Final words

Today we have introduced you to the 10 best crafting projects. You can make them for their own use or you give gifts to your family and friends. When you become a pro in making DIY things then you can also earn from these things. You can sell them on different platforms and make money. So, don’t waste spare pieces of fabric they can help you to earn your livings! 

still, if you face any difficulty in sewing above mentioned crafty projects feel free to contact us. Also, give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members.


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