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13 essential sewing tools: When you step into the sewing world, there are plenty of sewing tools which you will see.  All these are being used by the users in stitching. You might be thinking that how could you have all these gadgets as many of them are too costly. But don’t worry! You don’t need to have all the sewing tools which are available in the market.

 We are listing down some essential sewing tools. If you have these few sewing tools, then you are ready to sew the clothes. The below-listed tools are those which are of most importance. Without having them, you will not be able to start your sewing career.

These are some basic gadgets and are not much costly. You can buy nice sewing tools without spending a huge amount of money.

13 Essential Sewing Tools

Let’s have a look at the list of 13 essential sewing tools:

1. Sewing machine

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

 There are three varieties of sewing machines that are the most common. First one is a mechanical, electronic and computerized sewing machine. However, you can buy one of these as per your ease and budget.

The mechanical machines are basic sewing machines. They do not need an electrical power supply to sew the clothes. Moreover, it is straightforward to learn how to operate this sewing machine. You can use this machine for basic stitching purposes like sewing simple garments.

If we look at the electronic sewing machine, you must have guessed that this machine runs with the help of electricity. It works faster than the mechanical machine. Similarly, it saves much time. But it is a bit more expensive than electronic sewing machines. However, it enables you to complete difficult and lengthy projects quickly.

Computerized sewing machines are of the most advanced level. These machines are more expensive than both of the above. But these sewing machines have excellent features in them. There are many advanced options available which you can apply to your sewing projects.

If you are a beginner in this field, then you may face difficulty to understand the operation of the computerized machine. But don’t worry, you can take the start from the mechanical machine.

2. Measurement Tape


Measurement tape is another tool that you should have. Because you will need to measure the clothes. You also need it to measure the body when sewing dresses. You can also measure the lengthy fabrics and cut them according to your need.

 3. A sewing Scissors

A sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors is an important part of your sewing tool kit. Because if you don’t have scissors, you may not be able to cut the fabrics. So, if you cannot cut the fabrics, how could you sew them? That’s why scissors are a must-have sewing tool.

It is not only used to cut the fabrics; you can also cut the threads and other decorating materials which you are applying to your garments.

Moreover, when you are buying scissors for your sewing projects, then you should keep in mind the scissors must be of great quality. Don’t use the regular scissor to cut the fabric. It may not work properly. Keep a sewing scissor separate from regular use scissors.

Also, make sure the sewing scissor has good quality handles. So, you can hold it easily and firmly in your hands. Furthermore, sewing scissors must be sharp if you want to cut the fabrics quickly and safely.

 4. Machine Needles

Machine Needles

Sewing machine needles are also necessary to sew the clothes. The quality of needles depends upon the type of cloth which you are sewing. Some needles are meant for thick clothes. Some of them are used to sew the flexible fabrics. Many other types are also available to deal with decorated clothes.

If you are working with heavy fabrics, then you must have needles that are strong and can sew easily. However, if you are sewing lightweight clothes, a small size needle is fine to have.

5. Straight Pins

 Straight Pins

If you want more than one piece of fabric to pin up together, then you will need pins to pin them. This will keep your fabric safe from flowing.

There are many varieties of pins available. Most commonly used pins have small plastic heads on their top. They are not very costly. Moreover, it’s effortless and safe to use them for your sewing purposes.

6. Pincushion


Pins and needles are small tiny tools which you may lose every time. When you are in the middle of completion of the project, and you need a needle or pin, then you may have to find it here and there.

That’s why you should have a pincushion to push pins in it. It will be easy for you to find out the needed objects. Many pincushions are available in the market in different styles. But you can also make your own pincushion and style it as you want.

 7. Finger Protector

A Protector

A Thimble is used to protect your hands and fingers from any injury while sewing the clothes.  If you are using a thimble, then the needle will not be pricked in your fingers. The protector can be made of metal, leather and plastic material.

8. Seam Ripper

Seam Ripper

Seam Ripper is used to removing the stitches. While sewing the clothes, there are hundreds of chances that you can make mistakes. You can easily remove the mistakenly made stitches with the help of seam ripper.

It would be best if you have the seam ripper that has an anti-slip handle. Also, it will not damage or tear the cloth from which you are removing stitches.

9. Sewing Scales

Sewing Scales

Sewing scales are used to take measurements. You can measure small areas of fabrics with the help of these gauges. Most of the gauges are made of aluminium. They are not much costly and easily available in the market.

10. Hand Sewing Needles

Hand Sewing Needles

When you are starting any sewing project, you should have a great quality set of hand needles. Because in many cases you will need hand needles to sew the clothes. You can use the needles to make small stitches or to sew buttons on the fabrics. Hand needles come in different sizes and qualities. Make sure to purchase a set of needles which are of good quality.

11. Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears

If you want to cut the fabric in a zig-zag pattern, then you should have pinking shears. It has a toothed blade on both sides. You can use the pinking shears to make different styles on the edges of woollen fabric. It will work firmly and quickly.

12. Fabric Pencils

Fabric Pencils

Fabric pencils are used to put marks on the fabrics. These are more advanced than other tools like tailor’s chalk. You will need two types of pencils. One should be dark, and another one should be light.

Dark pencil can be used to put marks on light colour fabric, and light pencil can be used on dark colour clothes. In this way, marks will be easily visible on the clothes. Later on, you can wipe off the pencil chalk marks easily with a brush or with your hands. And if you are using a water pencil, then you can erase marks with water.

13. An Iron

An Iron

Iron is another essential tool in your sewing tool kit. Because you will need to press the clothes most of the time. If you keep on pressing your fabric during the sewing process, then you will have a neat and clean stitched object in your hands.


We have mentioned almost all the necessary and 13 essential sewing tools which you should have in your sewing kit. However, these are not ending here. But if you have these tools, then you can start your sewing journey.

If you want any help in your sewing projects, feels free to ask us. Moreover, don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members. Have a happy stitching career!

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