3 Best And Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

If you are familiar with basic stitching, then you can sew the home usage things by yourself. Here we are going to guide you in making simple and awesome sewing projects at home. You will see 3 best and easy sewing projects for beginners on which we are going to work. These three projects do not require much time and also do not cost much. You can sew them within an hour or two.

Why are you taking a start from easy and simple projects? The answer is, If you are about to start your stitching journey and new in this field, then if you start working on complicated projects from the beginning, it will lessen your interest in the projects.

That’s why we are starting our work with simple things. When you keep working on small and easy projects, you can gradually move to a bit bigger and more complicated projects. So, you will not be frustrated to take over the large sewing projects when you have been practicing.

3 Best And Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Let’s discuss what we are going to sew today. We have picked up three simple and fairly easy projects. 

  •  Drawstring bags
  •  Throw pillow
  •  Kitchen decorations

These are the simplest and easy to handle projects for beginners. Are you ready to start? Let’s start the easy sewing projects for beginners.

 1. Drawstring Bags

drawstring bag

You can sew drawstring bags without spending a huge amount of money. Isn’t it great if you have a matching bag with each dress? And the best thing is that you can make them when you want by yourself. We will assist you with how you can sew a drawstring bag easily.

These are the steps that you have to follow to sew a drawstring bag. 

  • If you have any awesome piece of fabric at your home, which is spare, you can use it in making a drawstring bag. So, you don’t need to buy clothes to make the bag. 
  • Most of the time, all of us have some cut piece of fabric at our homes. So, don’t waste them. Use them in your awesome sewing project. In this way, you can save money also.
  • Fold the square shape fabric in half so that the simple side of the fabric should go inside.
  • Because the shape of the fabric is squared so here, you can see four corners. Stitch your fabric from three sides in a way that the top should remain open.
  • Push the fabric inside of the bag from the edge that you have left unstitched. Then you will need a channel where you can put up a string or lace to close the bag.
  • So, make it on the upper side of the bag in a round shape.

Aren’t you wondering? Believe me. Your awesome mini drawstring bag is ready to use. You can use it for any purpose.

2. Throw Pillow Covers

throw pillow case

Our next project is to sew pillows cover. Pillows can help decorate your bedroom or drawing rooms. You can place the pillow on your couches to enhance their beauty. So, the outer cover of throw pillows should look attractive.

The pillowcase’s shape will depend on the shape of the pillow for which you are making the cover.

Let’s start working on a pillow cover sewing project.

  • Take two pieces of fabric in square shape. Pick up the measuring ruler from your sewing toolkit. Measure the size of your pillow. Keep the size of the pillow cover about an inch longer than the pillow.
  • Put the two pieces of fabric on one another. Here you should keep in mind that if you are using fabric pieces of different designs, you should fold them so that the least stylish fabric should go inside.
  • Draw a seam on the three edges of the square fabric and leave the one unstitched. What are you holding now? There should be a pillow cover ready with its open face in your hands.
  • Push the fabric inside the cover. And place your pillow in its newly stitched awesome pillowcase. It will give your pillow a new and catchy look. Isn’t it easy?
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 3. Kitchen Decorations

sewing project kitchen decoration

When you know how to stitch, you can make many home appliances to make your home an awesome look because it will not cost you much and help enhance the beauty of your sweet home.

Here we will make different kitchen appliances that will not cost you much and less time-consuming because these kitchen valances are fairly easy and simple to sew.

You can stitch awesome curtains for your kitchen window or other house windows in an easy way.

What you have to do?

  • It would help if you took a piece of fabric.
  • Measure the width of the window. (measure that window where you want to hang the valance)
  • Square cut the fabric a bit wide than the width of the window.
  • Draw a stitch on each side of the fabric.
  • Turn the fabric in this way so that the bottom part where the edges are tied together should be at the top. Make a case at the top edge of the curtain so that the rod of the curtain could be fit into it. 

Your handmade kitchen valance is ready to use.

 Final Words 

So, we are done with the explanation of all 3 best and easy sewing projects for beginners. You can practice them and make awesome handmade things for your use. However, after completing small projects, you can move to complicated and bit hard projects.

If you face any difficulty in these sewing of these projects feel to share with us. Besides this if you have any other easy beginners sewing project you can also it with us. In last don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us and also share the article with your friends and family members.

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