How to Do a Slip Stitch (ladder Stitch) – Easy Guide

How to do a slip stitch: Slip stitching, also known as invisible ladder stitching or ladder stitching, is a technique used to close a seam by hand. A stitch should not be visible once it’s finished if it’s done correctly. Slip stitches are therefore a great choice for closing an opening that cannot be reached by a sewing machine. 

The most common uses of slip stitches include closing linings, stitching seams, hemming garments, attaching bindings, applying appliqué, and finishing a pillow cover, to name a few. Most sewers should be able to complete this stitch easily and quickly once they understand how it works.

Here are the things you’ll need to do a slip stitch


  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Iron and ironing board


  • Fabric
  • Matching thread

Instructions to Do Slip Stitch

1. Take a Needle and Thread It

Take a Needle and Thread It


You must thread your needle first before you are able to slip stitch. Then knot the ends of the thread. Leave about 1/4-inch of thread tail when you snip under the knot.

2. You need to prepare your closure

Preparing the closure before the slip stitch is an important step that some people overlook.

You need to prepare your closure

The fabric should be folded inside the closure when slip stitching. To fold even on both sides of the fabric, use an iron or finger press. 

3. You need to hide your knot

You need to hide your knot first before beginning a slip stitch.

Make sure not to pass through the outside of the fabric when you insert your needle into a fold on one side of the closure.

You need to hide your knot

Return your needle to the middle of the closure by going through the fold. Ensure that one of the folds hides the knot between the thread and the fold. 

4. Slide stitch your way around one side at a time

The knot is now hidden, so we can begin stitching.  

Slide stitch your way around one side at a time

The needle should be inserted into the fold opposite the knot. When you have finished inserting the needle, carefully pull it out of the fold a quarter inch or less away. You must avoid catching anything outside the fabric when you stitch.

You can now complete the first stitch with your needle and thread. 

5. On the opposite side, sew the slip stitch

 Slip stitch the opposite fold in a similar manner. 

On the opposite side, sew the slip stitch

6. Keep Making Slip Stitches

Work between the two folds again, continuing to make slip stitches. You will use slip stitches until the end of the other side of the closure is reached.

Keep Making Slip Stitches


It looks like ladder rungs when the thread runs back and forth between the folds. As a result, slip stitches are also called ladder stitches. 

7. Tie up Your Thread

When you have finished your closure, tie a knot to secure the thread.


Tie up Your Thread

Pull your thread just a bit, not all the way, through a small piece of fabric inside the fold. Your thread loop will now be ready for making your knot.

Form a knot by pulling the needle through the loop.

In the same manner, make another knot to secure the stitching.

8. Complete Your Slip Stitch

By trimming the thread, you can close the knot. If you look inside the closure, you might see your stitches. Contrast thread (like that used in this demonstration) should be used in place of matching thread. 

Complete Your Slip Stitch


Apply a final press to the closure. By doing this the stitches will be hidden and the garment will look crisp.

Final Words

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