How to Make a Quick and Easy Tablecloth

How to Make a Quick and Easy Tablecloth? Tablecloths are best to cover the tables. You can test to stitch another simple and awesome sewing project. This project will take only five to ten minutes from the beginning until its completion.

You can use fabric patterns according to the season in which you are making the tablecloth. Moreover, when you are serving food to guests you can place the new tablecloth on the table. It will enhance the beauty of your dining room.

Further, if your table is not in good condition then you can place the handmade elegant tablecloth so that it will cover the condition of your table.

You have the choice to buy ready-made tablecloths from the market. But the point is that if you buy tablecloth from the market at the price of one tablecloth you can sew three to four tablecloths by yourself at home. Moreover, handmade tablecloth will be more durable and long-lasting.

The preparation of tablecloth is less time-consuming. Let’s have a look, which things are required to make a tablecloth.

Things required:

The below mentioned things are required to sew the table cloth.

sewing of table cloths

  • An iron
  • A fabric shears
  • A sewing machine or hand sewing needle
  • An ironing Board
  • Fabric pencil
  • A pen and notepad
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Yardstick or measuring gauge

Steps to follow:

Let’s discuss the steps that you have to follow. The below mentioned 3- easy steps will help you to make a stunning design tablecloth just in seconds.

1. Take the measurement of the table

  • The first thing that you have to do is take measurements of the table of which you are going to make a tablecloth. You have to take the tablecloth wide enough so that can cover your table.
  • Note down the length and width size of the table on the notepad. Some fabric pieces come in according to table lengths and some need adjustment according to your requirement.
  • The designed fabrics are best to make tablecloths. But the quality of the fabric being used should be durable and easily washable. Because when you keep on serving the meal on the tablecloth then it will need to wash most often.
  • Moreover, if the fabric is heavier, it will be fixed at its place firmly. However, if the fabric is lighter then it would keep on flowing. Which is an embarrassing thing for anyone.
  • If your table is 2 n half feet wide or 3 and a half feet wide then the fabric of 54 inches and 60 inches wide would be enough for the tablecloth.
  • But if your table is larger than this size you can increase the size of tablecloth.

2. Set the fabric

  • As we are making tablecloth for 3 and a half feet table so the fabric size will be 60 inches wide that we already know. Next thing is that we have to estimate the length of fabric.
  • So, here you will see a new thing “drop” on the table.
  • You might be thinking what does drop means? Drop is the part of the fabric which will be hanging down from the table.
  • The length of the drop can be any but the size of the all-sided drop should be the same.
  • The width of our table is 3 and half feet (42 inches) and fabric size is 60 inches so the drop will be 18 feet. How to calculate the drop width and length? Here are the formulas:


Fabric width – table width = drop

Our fabric width is 60 inches and the table width is 42 inches so,

60 inches – 42inches = 18 inches


Fabric width + drop width = length of fabric

60 inches + 18 inches = 78 inches

So, the actual length of fabric should be 78 inches and width should be 60 inches.

3. Start Making Tablecloth

  • Pre-wash the fabric piece before starting sewing the tablecloth. After drying press the cloth with iron on an ironing board.
  • You will be shocked to know that only a step of making hem is left and then your tablecloth will be ready. Isn’t it wonderful?
  • Take the one corner of the cloth, start folding it inside, fold towards the wrong side and keep on folding up to ¼ inches.
  • Now you have to sew the hem. A sewing machine can be used for this purpose. However, you can also do this task with the help of hand sewing needles. So, it is up to your convenience.

Let’s give you another shock. Here we go, your handmade tablecloth is ready. Yes, you have heard absolutely right. Your tablecloth is in its ready to use state. Can you think another sewing project could be this much simple?

Use this stylish tablecloth to décor your dining room and kitchen.

Final words

Rolling up the article we hope that you will like our article about how to make a quick and easy tablecloth. You can also add your own creativity in sewing the table cloth. By following all the above mention table cloth sewing steps you can sew your table cloth in juts seconds.

Still, if you face any trouble in table cloth stitching and quilting feel free to ask us in the comment section. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members.


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