How to Make a Simple Apron – Beginners Sewing Project

How to Make a Simple Apron? Aprons are meant to protect your dresses from stains while working in kitchens, workshops, or at any place where you have to go through the mess of stains, etc. however, you don’t need to buy aprons from the market. If you know how to stitch, you can easily sew aprons at home.

The process of sewing aprons is pretty much simple and easy. Moreover, it will not cost you a lot. We are here to guide you on how to make a simple apron. 

We hope most of the required things you will already have at your home. However, you can buy them from the market at a reasonable price.

So, let’s first take a sharp look at what you will need in this process.

Required things list:

  • You will need one piece of cloth. The width of the fabric piece should be 29 inches, and the length should be 34 inches. However, it is not mandatory to take the same length and width. You can take the fabric of your own desired length and width. But when you have sewed two or more aprons, you will be able to judge the apron’s required size.
  • The second which you need is the thread. The thread color should be matched with the color of the fabric piece you have selected to make an apron. Moreover, the thread should be of good quality so that it should work for a long period of time. (you will feel frustrated if the thread keeps on breaking again and again. That’s why the quality of the thread should be strong.)
  • You will need a ribbon piece to tie on the top of the apron and be used around your neck. The length of the fabric ribbon should be 24 inches. Moreover, it should make a match with the fabric color.
  • Take another piece of fabric ribbon, which will be used as a waist tie. It should be 40 inches long and matching with the fabric color.
  • An iron
  • A fabric Pencil
  • A sewing machine
  • Measurement tape or gauge
  • A sewing scissors

These are some gadgets that you will need to prepare an apron at home.

Steps to make a simple apron:

By following the below mentioned simple steps you can stitch a simple apron just ins seconds.

  1. The fabric piece that you have chosen to sew an apron should be washable. Moreover, it should be of great quality, thick and durable so that you can use the apron for a long time.
  2. However, we suggest you select the fabric of cotton or linen. But you can also use other stuff like denim fabric etc. if you want.
  3. Wash the fabric before making an apron of it. Press with an iron to remove wrinkles and make the fabric smooth.
  4. Place the fabric on the plain surface in face open positions. The fabric should be placed so that the fabric of short length should be side by side. And the fabric that is of long length should be at the top to bottom.
  5. Start folding the fabric in thirds from the width side. Start folding the fabric from the right side and keep folding it inwards. Do the same with the left side of the fabric. Keep in mind that each third of the apron should be of the same size. Moreover, you can use the measurement tape and fabric pencil if you want to keep each side of the apron’s exact size. You can put marks on the fabric. Follow the marks that you have made to cut the fabric in the exact size you want.
  6. Now carefully press the folded sides to make wrinkles on the fabric to use them in the next steps.
  7. When you open up the fabric’s folded sides, you will see creases on the fabric piece where you have pressed it for the indication of the next steps. 
  8. What to do next? Let me ask you a question. I am pretty much sure that you have had the chance to make an Aeroplane with paper in your childhood. If yes, then our next is similar to folding the wings of the Aeroplan. Here you have to take the top left-handed corner of the fabric and fold it down towards the crinkle.
  9. Now you should have a triangular-shaped folded piece in your hand. Press the crease of the folded fabric and unfold it.
  10. Pick up the sewing scissors and start cutting the fabric from the upper left corner. Cut it closest to the triangled crease which you have made on the fabric.
  11. Repeat the above last three steps with the upper right-hand corner. Now, when you have cut down the fabric from the right and left side, there should be two diagonal edges at the top of your fabric piece.
  12. Start folding the upper left-hand side edge of the fabric about ¼ inches and use an iron to press the folded side. Do the same with the right-sided verge of the fabric.
  13. Now, make a stitch with the help of a sewing machine on the two folded diagonal sides.
  14. You will need to create a casing to put your ribbon inside it. So, let’s create it. Start folding the fabric downwards between the diagonal sides. Ensure the width of this fold should be big enough so that ribbon could easily go through it. If you have a ribbon that is one inch wide, then this tunnel’s size should be a bit bigger than one inch. Press the stitched channel to give it a neat and smoother look.
  15. Make a stitch across the bottom of the case.
  16. Now fold the corners from the bottom and sides about ¼ inches. Press them well with the help of iron so that they should stay at their place. 
  17. Then sew these three sides by using your sewing machine.
  18. To push the fabric ribbon inside its channel, you can use the safety pin. In this way, the 24-inches fabric ribbon can easily be slide into the case. When you are done, pull out the safety pin out of the case safely.
  19. Place the fabric on a smooth surface again but keep it right side up.
  20. Place the 40-inches long ribbon which you have made for your waist. Straight pins can be used to keep the ribbon fixed at its place.
  21. Make a stitch on the top and bottom of the fabric ribbon. Along with this, make a sew on the left and right side of the ribbon also.
  22. Your handmade, simple, and durable apron is ready. You don’t have to spend much time. So, you can sew an apron in one or half-hour whenever you want.

Final words

Summing up the article we hope that now you can make a simple apron just in seconds. all you need just follow the above-mentioned simples steps. Still if you any query related to about how to sew a simple apron feel free to ask us in the comment section. Besides this give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members.

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