How to Make a Zippered Pouch – Easy Guide

How to make a zippered pouch: Are you fond of stitching and making new accessories in simple and easy ways? If yes, then you are in the right place. We are going to tell you how to make a zippered pouch? You need to follow the simple steps, and your awesome zippered pouch will be in your hands.

Because you are a beginner in this field, you might hesitate to work with zippers. But don’t worry! It’s pretty much simple and easy to sew a pouch. You can use the pouch to place different things in it. It’s your choice for which purpose you are making the zippered pouch.

Essential things needed for making a pouch

In this regard, we will guide you step by step. Before diving in-depth, let’s discuss the necessary things which you should have to start sewing the pouch.


First of all, you need to have four fabric pieces (which can be of any quality, but we prefer cotton fabric). As we will make a pouch for pencils, we are taking fabric of 8*4 inches. You may be wondering why we have selected this measurement.

Well, most of the pencils lie between 6 to 7 inches in length. That’s why we have selected this size of the fabric. However, if you want to make the pouch for longer things, you can increase the fabric’s size according to the accessories that you are about to place inside the pouch.

From the four pieces of cloth, two will be used outside the pouch, and the other two will be placed inside the pouch. 

Moreover, you can choose the same fabric for four pieces, or you can select different ones. It’s your choice whether you like simple fabric or pattern. But we suggest you choose different fabrics.

You can pick simple pieces that will go inside the pouch. And some designed pieces for outside. So, your zippered pouch may look attractive and stylish.

Pick a matching zipper:

The next thing you need is the proper zipper. You should pay extra attention here. Try to pick a zipper that matches your selected fabric and gives a catchy look to your pouch.

The size of the zippered should be 8 inches long for the pencil’s pouch. We have mentioned before, and if you are making a pouch for longer accessories, you can increase the length of the zipper and fabric. But make sure the zipper should be at least of the same size as the fabric is.

Select the appropriate thread:

The third step which you need to follow is to make the selection of thread. Always make sure that you have selected a thread of great quality. Because the durability of your pouch mostly relies on it.

Also, choose the thread which will be matching with your fabric and zipper. Or you can make a good contrast with both of them. What else do you need now? Let me wipe off your worry!

More things 

You will need the below-listed things as well in this whole sewing process.

  • A scissor
  • An iron (to press the fabric pieces)
  • Measurement tape
  • Straight pins

Steps to follow:

Now you have all the necessary things in your hands. Are you ready to make an awesome zippered pouch?

Keep following the steps which we are going to explain.

  • Iron all pieces of fabric.
  • Place the fabric on the table or flat surface. The fabric should be in a face-down position because it will be used inside the pouch.
  • Pick up the selected zipper and put it on the upper side of the fabric piece you selected above. Make sure the zipper is closed at this time. Moreover, the fabric should lie between the top and bottom ends of the zippered. Also, line up the top of the zipper and fabric equally.
  • Now, take another piece of fabric that will be used outside of the pouch. Place it on the top of the zipper. It should also be in a face-down position and lined up.
  • Pinup the three pieces of the cloth with the help of straight pins. Place the pins closest to the zipper but try to avoid pins touching the zipper.
  • All set now. So, you can make a start to stitch.
  • Make a straight stitch on three pieces together. Keep the machine’s needle close to the pins but make sure the needle should not hit the pins.
  • Crimp the fabric pieces a bit away from the zipper so that the backs of fabric may be pressed together.
  • Now you are done with one side of the pouch. So, repeat the all above steps till here with the other pieces of fabric. There should be two fabric pieces on the right side, two on the left side, and the zipper in the middle in your hand. If you put the pouch in the zipper face-up position on the table. Then, the fabric you have used inside should be on the bottom, and the outer fabric should be on the top of the pouch. If your pouch is in the same look, then perfect, you are going well!
  • Pick up the two fabric pieces from the right side and take them long away up till the cover of the left-sided fabric.
  • All the verges of fabric should be lined up properly. Pinup the fabric with straight pins from three sides together. 
  • Make a sewing line on all three sides of the pouch.
  • Open up the zipper.
  • Turn the fabric inside the pouch from the opened zipper.
  • Finally, press the pouch with proper attention. Focus on the corners of the pouch specifically.

Here we go! An awesome stylish zippered pouch is ready! Place your pencils inside it and keep them safe.

Final words

Rolling up the article we hope that you will find helping our article about how to make a zippered pouch. All you need to adjust is follow the simple steps and you can make a beautiful design zippered pouch in just a few seconds. As we reach at the end of our article if you still face any difficulty in sewing pouch feel free to ask us in the comment section. Besides this also give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members.

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